Who are Mediums Unlimited!

Mediums Unlimited! are Janet & David Gay from Bodmin, Cornwall in the UK.
We are Spiritualist Mediums who are active members of the officially recognised body for Spiritualism in the UK - the Spiritualists' National Union (SNU).
Both of us have been assessed by the SNU for a variety of aspects of our mediumship. We believe that this should be the way for all mediums. Those who grace the platforms of our Spiritualists Churches and Centres should be 'tried and tested' in order for the congregation and/or audience to know that the mediumship offered is of a certain recognised standard. So we have both put download iq option India ourselves through the ordeals of being assessed so that the churches we are invited to serve and those who come to us for tuition or for private consultations - please email for full details - know that we are genuine mediums.

Janet was ordained as a Minister of the Spiritualists' National Union on August 30th 2008 after satisfying the criteria laid down by the Union, which included a demanding period of practical training both locally & nationally and having to pass many educational courses in order to equip her for this demanding appointment. She now has the rights and privileges of all Ministers of Religion and is recognised by the Home Office as such.

She holds the Certificate of the Spiritualist National Union (CSNU) for Demonstrating (d), for Speaking (s) and for General Administration (g), and has attained the standard required for the Diploma in Public Speaking (DSNU [S]). Janet also holds the "Basic" Diploma of the SNU, which covers the philosophy & teachings of National Spiritualism (DSNU[B]).
She is also a certificated tutor of the Arthur Findlay College (CSNU [t]). The College is probably the world's best for students wishing to develop their psychic and spiritual gifts.

For Janet to become a tutor at the Arthur Findlay College [AFC] at Stansted Hall in Essex, she had to attend the College over a period of time, being assessed by experienced teachers on her work both as a teacher and a medium. After successfully passing that stage she was then assigned to one of the College's established Course Organisers, namely Brenda Lawrence. Brenda is a Minister of the SNU, an international medium and a teacher. Janet spent two years under the tutelage of Brenda, working at the College and doing lots of homework too. Then came another week at the College for the final assessments to become an assistant tutor for a year. After that year, which involved working with other Course Organisers at their invitation, there was a final interview. Janet came through all this successfully and was then awarded a Certificate as a tutor. She is now a regular tutor at the AFC.

David is an Officiant of the Spiritualists' National Union [OSNU] & holds the Certificate for Speaking & Spiritualist Healing (CSNU[s,h]). As an Officiant, David is fully trained to undertake Weddings, Namings & Funeral Servicesand other spiritual services and ceremonies. Please ring them or email them for the initial contact.
Healing is David's forte. To become an Approved Healer takes two years training, passing the (SNU) H1 Healing course (postal) and passing a practical and theoretical upgrading assessment at District level. After that was completed (about a year or so later), David was assessed again to achieve the National Certificate of Recognition for Spiritualist Healing. He is a Course Organiser and tutor for the H1 (postal) healing course.
He is the President of, and Healing Group Leader of, Bodmin Spiritualist Church, which holds its services every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm in the BCA Rooms, Mount Folly Square in Bodmin. Healing Clinic is. held on Thursdays between 7.17 & 8.45pm.
You can find details of this on the Church Website.

David is also a trance medium and uses this gift for trance healing. Spiritual Healing is available without charge or by donation. Trance Healing is available with David only by appointment.

We serve any Church/Centre when invited, and will conduct seminars & workshops if desired. Private consultations with Janet are available for a small donation. This also applies to Trance Healing sessions with David.

Spiritualism and all it involves has become a way of life for us. We follow the 7 Principles of National Spiritualism and we feel it is our purpose to bring the knowledge of life after death to as many people as we possibly can. We are active committee members of our local SNU Church.

We are deeply involved in the development of potential mediums and truly believe in the sharing of knowledge and the spiritual enhancement of all. We consider the power of the Spirit limitless, unlimited and unlimiting. We feel that it is a privilege to work in this way and are so very thankful for being given the opportunity to do so.

To this end, Janet runs Awareness Courses in Bodmin, runs development classes (circles) and workshops in various churches around the country.
The workshops cover heightening spiritual awareness, enhancing psychic abilities and developing all aspects of mediumship. They really are workshops. Janet believes that it is better to be doing than watching and listening.
Listen and you forget,
See and you remember,
Experience and you understand.

All learning helps to make a person more knowledgeable. Knowledge of spiritual matters and heightened spiritual awareness in all its aspects brings a complete change to the way of life. It brings a feeling of fulfilment, a sense of being on the right path, growing, evolving and becoming more understanding and compassionate. It brings a strength that helps with everyday living and can be shared with others in their time of need. Being aware of the spirit within oneself, the spirit within others and those who have passed on to the higher life highlights a much deeper meaning to our lives here on earth.

It is our wish to bring enlightenment to all those who may be ignorant of the Truth that is contained within the Spiritualists' philosophy - that there is life after death! There is life after life, even. In fact, there is no such thing as 'death'. Only the physical part of us dies, the mind lives on, the spirit lives on, the real 'you' lives on. The mind continues to function when the physical can no longer do so. Quite simple, when you think about it.

Janet used to spend her spare time painting Ceramics, knitting, reading and sewing. She loves jigsaw puzzles, the harder the better! Over the last few years the administration aspect of Spiritualism has eaten into that time. Janet felt she wanted to get involved in the administration simply because Spiritualism had given her so much that she wanted to give something back in return.
However, since March 2008, Janet has relinquished some of the more demanding administrative work, in order to devote more time to her own development and to 'do things for me'.

David retired from being a mental health professional for almost 40 years in 1999, and he now really enjoys surfing - not the energetic sort - the Net! The computer plays a big part in David's life. He is the Website Administrator for the South Western District Council's (SWeDC) website [www.swndc.org.uk] that informs every one of forthcoming SNU Church and District events in the South West of England. As well as that, he administers the Bodmin SNU Church website [www.bodminsc.org.uk] giving the information of the weekly services etc. - and he designed and updates this site of course.

One of our mutual interests is our family - we have 2 daughters & 3 sons and 11 Grandchildren but the family is still growing - in every sense of the word. We have 11 Grandchildren, a GREAT Grandson (born in December 2007) and two GREAT Granddaughters (born in early October 2008 and June 2013). We could spend ages talking about our family but we realise that to us they are the most wonderful gifts anyone could have but that others would not feel the same way!
We have many good friends - too numerous to mention - who share our interests in Spiritualism - and some who do not share the same philosophy.

We were honoured when we were invited to contribute to a book called 'Spiritual Guides in the West Country' written & produced by Jane White of Bossiney Books of Launceston, Cornwall [UK]. It features local workers for Spirit, and gives insights into their spiritual development and pathways.
Its ISBN number is 1-899383-47-6. Its price - just £4.99.This book contains interesting material and information covering many different aspects of Spiritual knowledge and awareness including Mediumship, Healing (including Animal Healing), Spiritual Art, Past Life, Numerology and Reiki.
Have you bought your copy yet?




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